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Used vehicle selection

Searching for a quality used vehicle requires a lot of time, as well as special knowledge and equipment. Don't worry – we can help you! Tell us what you're looking for and we'll find the best option for your budget, negotiate a lower price, and even give you a 2 month technical warranty to prove the quality of our service.

Absolutly hassle free!

Order selection
How it works

Let us know the vehicle you're looking for, as well as the condition, and options you require.

We'll see if the demands are even possible, and if so, sign a contract and begin the search.

Once we've found a vehicle we'll provide a diagnostic report for you to decide: are you willing to view it, or should we continue searching.

Together with our specialist you can view the vehicle. If everything looks good we can negotiate a deal, if not – we'll keep searching.

You'll have 60 days of warranty on the selected vehicle.

The warranty covers the primary, and most expensive components of the vehicle, such as the engine, transmission, and drive-train. In case of a malfunction, we compensate on repairs up to $5,000.

It’s convenient – you need only come view the vehicle once it's already inspected. Signing a contract and prepayment can be done online.
It’s profitable – after the inspection is complete our specialists can negotiate a deal with the seller. In some cases, discounts even exceed the cost of our services.
It’s safe – prepayment is only 30% of the overall service price and is fully refundable if we cannot locate a vehicle within 30 days.
It's trustworthy – we take responsibility for the quality of our services. We provide 60 days for you to make sure you're satisfied with the condition of your new vehicle.
Searching area
$699 0-3 years old cars
$899 3-5 years old cars
$1,099 5-7 years old cars
$1,299 7+ years old cars
Recent orders
Year 2019
Price $15,989
Search time 221 days
Selected May 23 2024
Year 2010
Price $9,500
Search time 307 days
Selected May 23 2024
Year 2011
Price $6,000
Search time 576 days
Selected May 23 2024
How do you check the suggested vehicles?
All vehicles are subject to our standard comprehensive inspection with a detailed diagnostic report. Moreover, we provide a free AutoCheck report for every selected vehicle.
Do I need a specific reason to reject a suggested vehicle?
Any vehicles we suggest will be in good mechanical condition. The only thing that may raise doubts are cosmetic defects, which are common when shopping for a used car. Although you can reject a suggested vehicle without needing a reason, it's better to know why it's disliked to help avoid it in the next option.
If I dislike the selected vehicle will you find me another?
Yes, we'll be looking for another. According to the contract we can consequently offer up to 3 different vehicles.
Can I terminate the contract?
You can terminate the contract at any time. If we haven't suggested a vehicle by the time of contract termination your prepayment is fully refundable.
What if I don't know what I want exactly?
You may specify a few different models if you cannot decide on one and we'll add them to the search. You can also omit a specific model and provide more general requirements, such as number of seats, type of vehicle, how many years old, and how much.
How long will you look for a vehicle?
The average time to find a vehicle is 10 days, the maximum time – 30 days. If we don't find one by then we'll refund your prepayment in full, or renew the contract for another 30 days for free.
Do you guarantee you will find a vehicle?
Before signing a contract we verify your order to make sure there are options available. We'll advice you on how to change demands to make them more realistic. You may also refuse to change your requirements and we'll begin searching right away. If we cannot find a vehicle within 30 days your prepayment will be refunded.