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Comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle inspection services.

Looking for a used car, truck or suv?

We'll help you find the right one!

Buying a used vehicle can be a smart choice if you know what to look out for. Our goal is to give you honest, accurate information about every vehicle we work with, including its condition as well as any upcoming expenses to consider. That is why we have the highest standards in the industry when it comes to our inspection process. Check out our sample report and inspection procedure.

Trust the professionals.


Have you already found a vehicle you like? We'll inspect it.

Our specialists are mobile, and prepared with all the latest equipment. We'll arrive at the sellers location to complete the inspection on the same day - without requiring a prepayment!


Don't have time to find the right vehicle? We'll find it for you.

We'll research the market to select vehicles and thoroughly inspect them until we find the one that meets your demands. Absolutely hassle-free!
You will save
The average time spent to arrive at and inspect a vehicle – is about 3 hours.
You pay for the vehicle according to its condition, not an inflated price made by the seller.
You won't have any doubts or disappointments in your choice.
Recent orders
Year 2016
Mileage 89,145mi
Inspected Jun 22 2024
Year 2017
Price $9,900
Mileage 92,859mi
Inspected Jun 22 2024
Year 2016
Price $12,898
Mileage 148,170mi
Inspected Jun 20 2024
Industry best inspection from a team of professionals armed with all of the required diagnostic tools.
Reasonable prices and a 10% discount for regular customers.
We are ready to assist - 7 days per week, 12 hours per day.
We are not affiliated with any auto sellers, dealers or workshops.
We disclose everything found in our inspection, and invite you take a look.
We operate only in the Atlanta GA metropolitan area.
Mar 4 2024 Amy Bailey
What's lowest score that you would recommend going ahead with the purchase of an older used car with higher mileage?
Hello, Amy Bailey! It's safe to say that cars with 50% or mode don't have major problems. Everything below usually requires some urgent repair.
Jan 13 2024 Parker Thompson
As a buyer looking at purchasing an EV, what do you specifically look at as a part of your inspection that's unique to electric vehicles?
Hello, Parker Thompson! As a buyer, you need to check the vehicle range when the battery is fully charged. That's the most reliable way to estimate battery condition. If you purchase Tesla you can also put it into service mode and look at all warnings or errors reported in the system. Other cars require special equipment to inspect electric components.
Dec 19 2023 Maria
I am looking at a 2014 Toyota Tundra SR5. It does have higher mileage, however, according to carfax is a one owner vehicle and seems to have been serviced about every 5000 miles. Is this a good buy?
Hello, Maria! Yes, it's a good choice but you need to make sure that the frame is not rusted - for some reason, there are quite a few heavily rusted Toyota trucks on the market.
Nov 2 2023 Jasmine Offord
If someone buys the car I purchase an inspection on, (before its inspected) can I receive a refund?
Hello, Jasmine Offord! Yes, if the car is sold before it’s inspected you get a full refund.
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